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Bloggers and thought leaders with a passion for regional economic development, innovation and business improvement.

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Regions and Energy

From coal, oil and gas to renewable energy, new storage technologies, emission reduction and efficiency options, and new distribution and retail business models

9 members

Regional Projects & Ideas

Projects, ideas and initiatives from across the nation focused on agriculture, technology, environments, energy, training, job creation and investment.

17 members

Exporting Regions

Australia has to export more high-value products and services, to more countries across the world, more often.

8 members

Future of Work and Jobs

The digital revolution destroys jobs. It is harder than ever for both young and older workers to find work. Plus full time work is steadily moving to contract, part time, freelance and occasional work. 

6 members

Regions and ICT

Adoption of ICT is important for everyone.  And regional areas experience problems requiring unique insights and solutions.

3 members

Regions and Manufacturing

In today’s globally competitive environment, manufacturers need to be committed innovators, global supply chain managers and service providers.

4 members

Regions and Tourism

Tourism is important. What is the potential to develop new products, services and opportunities for visitors, the industry and regions

3 members

Regions on the Move

Insights and commentary from the 50 regions across Australia – the history, regional industries, issues, opportunities and national collaboration.

19 members

Adding Value by Design

Why Australia has to add value to its commodity products and services, through design, branding, licensing, marketing and advertising.

12 members

Regions - the Big Picture

Insights and commentary on the big picture issues that regions face – jobs, digital disruption, collaboration, startups, energy, environment, export and innovation.

8 members